1.        Host family must provide a printed or emailed guest list the day of the party.  All children playing in play space will be counted toward total number of child guests. 

2.        We allow 4 extra children charged at $25/child.  If you exceed this number, you will be charged for the higher-level party.

3.        You may arrive 45 min. early to decorate party room.  Earlier arrival times must be cleared with management.

4.        If you would like a slideshow to run on the TV in the party room, please bring a thumb drive with files in .jpg format the day of the party. No video files please.

5.        Staff will be on hand to help unload and decorate.  Please park in loading zone on Corinth and we will unload through the side door.

6.        Please bring 8 standard tablecloths (4 child tables 6ft. x 3ft. and 2 food tables 6ft. x 2.5ft. and 2 beverage tables 4ft x 2.5ft.)

7.        You may want to bring plates, utensils, napkins, and cups.

8.        Many families bring balloons, streamers, centerpieces, and banners.

9.        Glitter or table confetti is not allowed.

10.     APEX staff member will greet guests and accept presents at the   front desk.

11.    There will be a break in the activities for food or snack about mid-way through the party. 

12.    Happy birthday song will commence about 15 min. from the end of the party.

13.    After cake or desserts have been enjoyed the party will come to an end.  An announcement thanking guests for attendance and informing them that party favors/goodie bags will be made available at the front desk for pickup upon departure.

14.    Please include that APEX for Kids is a shoeless facility on your invitation.  Socks are optional, but not provided.

15.    There is a LA City parking lot located behind the building available at $1/hr.

16.    Final invoice will be presented after party.

APEX for Kids Party Timeline

You may arrive 45min. before scheduled party time.  Staff members will be on hand to help unload and decorate.  Please park in the loading zone on Corinth so we can unload through our side door.

We will have a staff member greeting your guests at the front desk taking their gifts and briefing them on the rules.

First 20 min. will be Free Play:  We will have staff members helping kids play on zip-line, trampoline, ball pit, climbing challenges and slide.

Once a majority of the guests arrive.  We will clean up and have a circle time celebrating the birthday child.  We will have the group participation activities.  About 20 min.

After the group activities we will set up two stations of physical challenge activities.  May be a trapeze swing or high balance beam or climbing challenge.  20 min.

We will break for snack or lunch about 50-55 min. into the party.  We will ask all of the kids to come to the party room and sit for food and beverages.  We will have one staff member helping make sure that all is well in the party room.  The rest of the staff members will be reconfiguring the play space into a maze or an obstacle course, so it will be ready when the kids finish their food. 10-15 min.

When the kids finish their food they will have an opportunity to enjoy the new activities 15-20 min. depending on how long it keeps their interest.  If needed, we will add other age appropriate activities to keep the kids active.

With about 30 min. left in the party we will clean up and set up our final activity, the Spider Web swing. 

At 15 min. to the end of the party we will have the kids come back into the party room for the Happy Birthday song and cake. 

After dessert has been enjoyed, the party comes to an end.  A thank you announcement will be made letting guests know that party favors will be available at the front desk on their way out.